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Henry and Emma

Painted by John Opie R.A. 1761-1807                                   Engraved by F. Bartolozzi.

This print taken from The Connoiseur, circa 1912.

The original print was published by F. Bartolozzi & Co, No 81 Great Titchfield Street, London.


The following verse accompanies the original print.

A shepherd now along the plain he roves:
And, with his jolly pipe, delights the groves,
The neighbouring swains around the stranger throng,
Or to admire, or emulate his song:
While with soft sorrow he renews his lays,
Nor heedful of their envy, nor their praise.
But, soon as Emma's eyes adorn the plain,
His notes he raises to a nobler strain,
With dutiful respect and studious fear:
Lest any careless sound offend her ear.



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